Do you provide hair & makeup?

Hair and makeup are both included in the shooting price for all packages EXCEPT the Tart. We know how to make you look your best for our studio lighting etc...
If you want to take care of your own hair and makeup, email us for rates. We really do recommend letting us take care of your makeup, at a minimum. This time is well spent getting to know your photographer instead of jumping right in to your half naked photo shoot! Consider it an icebreaker...



We always encourage the client to bring ONE girlfriend with them to the shoot. Girlfriends are awesome for getting you laughing during your photos. Also, if your bestie would like to shoot the same day, we'll give you EACH a 10% discount! Both of you must book back-to-back shoots with us to get the discount. Leave the guys at home! Yes, this includes husbands and boyfriends. They don't need to see behind the scenes, it ruins the "magic"...



Because you are gorgeous! A Boudoir or Pinup shoot makes the perfect wedding gift for your Hubby to be. Boudoir pictures are a great send off gift for your special man that is being deployed. We have had SEVERAL girls book with us just for themselves. It is a HUGE confidence builder and loads of fun! Christmas, Valentines day, Anniversaries etc... Is there a bad time to receive something like this?



Nope! We could not imagine trying to shop for thousands of women. Yes, we've shot over 5000 women in our 8 years in business! There are just WAY too many sizes and styles to stay current. Not to mention, it would be a little creepy if we asked you to put lingerie on that dozens of women wore the week before. 
OK, the real reason,
We hate doing laundry!



We always tell people to bring whatever outfits they feel sexy in! If your shoot includes 3 outfit changes, maybe bring one extra. No need to bring your whole closet...
Lots of lingerie, cute bras & panties etc... Don't forget those high heels. The higher the better. Heels elongate the legs and make that bottom look fantabulous!
Also, if your special someone is a sports fan be sure to bring his jersey to pose in! There are a lot of things that could work.


So what's included?

All of our shoots are ALL INCLUSIVE with nothing else to purchase. You will receive expertly retouched and edited photos delivered in a private, password protected, online gallery. Each and every package includes our awesome 4"x6" linen cover book! We provide the option to upgrade to our gorgeous 5"x5", 8"x8" or our LUXE album. All include  CENTERFOLDS as well as your choice of leather cover!
 Digital copies can also be purchased.
Give our pricing page a look to see what is included with each package.


Do you shoot curvy cliets?

You bet we do! There are many curvy girls on our website. You'd never guess it by looking though. We pose every body type to make sure you look your best. After shooting over 5000 girls in our 8 years in business, we got this! The staff at Boudoir Louisville is also on the curvy side... It's easier to take away curves than to make them!


HOW LONG is a shoot?

Our Tart package will take 1.5 hours from start to finish. The Flirt package, 2.5 hours. Our Tease, about 3-3.5 hours. The Adore is a half day of shooting with hair and makeup changes. Things like length of hair effect this time as well. We never want things to feel rushed...


When do i get my pics?

Normally, we have your pics edited and retouched within 48 hours. Then, you go through and pick out the photos you want for the included book. The book takes no more than 5 business days to lay out and print. The short answer? One week after our shoot you should have everything. Many times, quicker. If you are unsure on delivery times, feel free to contact us. We have a few quicker options available if you have a shorter deadline...


Do you retouch?

You bet we do! we try not to over do it though. Some editors really make you look creepy and kooky. We make sure everything looks natural. We do not believe in reshaping a person. Instead, we try to get everything right while shooting by using the most flattering poses and lighting for each client's unique body type and build. If there are areas that need retouching, we always take care of those.


Will you post my photos?

We will not post any images from your photo shoot that include your whole face or any other recognizable markings (tattoos, scars, birthmarks etc...) We would LOVE to show off your face, but will not do that without your permission. Discretion is key, and we respect your privacy! Many of our very best photos will NEVER see the light of day because our clients wish to keep their photos private. We're cool with that...


Where do we shoot?

Normally, we shoot in our 
Louisville, KY studio. 
We are located in the Highlands area of Louisville at 414 Baxter Ave. 40204. We have a very comfortable loft style studio space. It's a super snazzy combination of client lounge, photo studio and hair & makeup area. From time to time, we travel outside of the Louisville, KY area. We frequently shoot in Las Vegas, Pennsylvania and a few other locations. Contact us or follow our social media for our travel schedule.


Do you travel?

We do travel, but additional fees will apply. With our Louisville studio, we are not too far away from Lexington, Cincinnati, Columbus, Nashville and Indianapolis. We love to pack up and head out of town. If you arrange for 5 girls to book photo shoots with us in your town, we will fly, drive or swim to your area. For helping us book the 5 girls, YOUR shoot is 
100% FREE!


Who will be shooting me?

Boudoir Louisville has two main photographers, Ryan and Britt. Boudoir Louisville was started by Ryan, with Britt being the super mega awesome assistant. After watching Ryan shoot thousands of clients over 10 years, Britt has begun shooting most of the studio sessions. 
She's great! Ryan's great! 
Your Photos will be great!